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Garage Door Safety

05/14/2014 Back To Blog

Garage Door SafetyMost homeowners take advantage of the garage space by using it as storage, working area, and venue for selling used items. It is but proper to keep it safe for everyone, because there are stories of accidents caused by faulty garage doors. This might be the largest and heaviest door in your home so it is necessary for the family to observe safety measures in its proper use.

Consider the following rules:

• Never allow children to play with the garage doors especially the remote controls. They should never play under or near the door, especially if it is moving.

• Learn how to use the emergency release feature of your garage door opener. You can ask your installer for assistance or read it from the manual.

• Practice visual inspection on a monthly basis. You can do it on your own by checking the garage door springs, cables, pulleys, and rollers. If you notice damages, it is best to call your local garage door repair service.

• Another important note is not to repair springs or cables on your own. These are under great tension so disconnection could cause injury. It also requires special tools to adjust.

• Make sure to disable door locks, ropes and cables before operating your door openers to avoid any damage.

• Treat your remote like a key that should never be left anywhere.

• Make it a practice to lock the door from the inside of your home for your security at night.

Everyone in the house should know these safety measures, so you can help one another to observe them. It is not impossible to keep the garage a safe place for everyone if only all the family members would take responsibility in proper handling of the garage door. Additionally, it also starts with having a reliable garage door contractor who makes sure the door is properly and safely installed, and that products are of high quality.

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