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All About Garage Door Openers

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

The garage door opener is one of the most important parts of a functional door. If you have a decade-old unit, replacing the opener will help improve its overall quality. Before you pick just about any of the openers available in the market, you must understand how you can make the most of your door by choosing the right opener.All About Garage Door Openers

If it simply dawns on you that you need a new opener, you must be prepared for an investment you have to make. Whether the old one is badly damaged or you simply want an upgrade, experts at garage door repair in Sachse suggest that you look into the more efficient units readily available. Although that means spending more than you probably expect, it will be worth it in the long run.

Types of Drives for Garage Door Openers

The chain drive garage door opener is the oldest style, considered the noisiest, but is still very popular among homeowners due to its affordability. On the other side of the fence is the belt drive garage door opener, which is the most modern type, the quietest but also the most expensive. If you are wishing to upgrade to a better model but you still have no funds for a belt drive, you may settle for a screw drive, which sits in between the two in terms of quality and price. The screw drive garage door opener is also considered the most suitable type for the handyman as it is easy to install, run by very few moving parts, and simpler to maintain.

Power and Security Features

Aside from the drive, there are a handful of things to consider before you can determine what’s the best opener for your door. Power and features come with a price, but it is ideal that you go with more of both. In the end, function, safety, and security are clearly more significant than the price difference.

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